Testers Wanted for Repulse Game Studio’s Action Adventure Iragon

After launching its first virtual reality (VR) Experiment Gone Rogue towards the end of 2018, indie developer Repulse Game Studio has announced its second VR project, Iragon, with the team looking for players to test an early version of the videogame.


Currently, Iragon is in a very rough Pre-Alpha state with a short demo available for players who are willing to try it and give constructive feedback. The title is only a month into development with Repulse Game Studio keen on continuing the project with helpful information. To take part all you need to do is join the studio’s Discord server.

Supporting both VR and non-VR gameplay, Iragon, is set in a fantasy medieval world filled with magic, elves and wizards.

The story synopsis explains that: “A war between the nations of Balmoros and The Empire has left their people with lifelong bad blood. You step in the shoes of Darick – an 18-year-old boy who is on his way to becoming a knight under the guidance of his father – a Balmoros knight who took part in the war. One day, Darick stumbles upon a mysterious girl carrying an even more mysterious book. It contains a secret that The Empire wants to get a hold of at any cost. Now you find yourself on a magical journey, guided by your loyal elf friend through adventures that are going to either break you or shape your character as you uncover the deep secret that can change the course of Balmoros’ history.”


When it comes to the VR version one of the main features is a grappling hook movement mechanic – similar to the  Windlands series – enabling players to swing around the cold rocky landscape. Employing this kind of feature is bold for any developer as it has the possibility of inducing nausea in a lot of players.

It’s way too early to tell when Repulse Game Studio might launch Iragon but the company has confirmed its plans on supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. Check out the early alpha trailer below, and for further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

Source: https://www.vrfocus.com

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