Viveport Infinity Subscription May Be $12.99, Take This Survey For A Free Month

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Viveport Infinity, the unlimited VR subscription tier for HTC’s storefront that launches on April 5th, 2019, is offering an entire free month to anyone that fills out this super quick and simple survey. Viveport Infinity was announced at CES earlier this year as a way to expand its subscription service from just a handful of games to the entire store’s 600+ game and app catalog.

Once you fill out the survey and provide your email, it says redemption codes for a free month will be provided via email on March 30th, just a few days before Viveport Infinity launches. In the fine print at the bottom it states you must do the survey between today, March 1st, and March 17th and the code must be redeemed by April 15th giving you two weeks of wiggle room.

Then if you keep reading, the fine print at the bottom actually seems to reveal the price as well:

“If you cancel the subscription during the 1 month trial period you will not be charged, and you will lose access to VIVEPORT Infinity content that you accessed during the trial period once the trial ends. Unless you cancel the subscription during the trial period you will automatically be charged a monthly subscription fee, currently $12.99 or £12.52 (plus taxes, where applicable) a month after the end of the trial period, and each month thereafter until you cancel your subscription. If you redeem the code before April 2, 2019, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee of $8.99 per month through the end of 2019 or until you cancel your subscription. To cancel your subscription open your “Account Settings” menu and follow the instructions there.”

So, it sounds like if you redeem the code ASAP you get a bit of a discount for the rest of the year, but the current price sounds like it’s $12.99 for everyone else. On the blog post for the survey today it actually says that if you’re a current subscriber to the non-Infinity subscription, then you will be upgraded to Infinity at no additional cost. That’s a really, really awesome move that will likely keep all current subscribers invested.

That’s a really good price point if $12.99/month is accurate. Basically the same cost as Netflix for unlimited access to over 600 VR apps and games.

When contacted for comment a representative from HTC Vive had the following to say:

We’ll be able to confirm Infinity pricing near GDC. We’ll have multiple options for existing and new subscribers to take advantage and get into Infinity at promotional pricing. We want to reward our existing Viveport subscribers and will have some great promos in store. More soon.

Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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